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Nov 24, 2013 9:00am PST
other. >> at the white house, president obama said this agreement marks a promised new path for curbing iran's nuclear ambitions. >> so if i took office, i'd make clear my determination to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> in this six-month agreement, iran will limit its uranium enrichment. they will dilute any weapons grade fuel they already have. they will also open their facilities to increased inspections. in return, iran will see sanctions that allow up to $4.6 billion in oil sales and $1.5 billion in sales of other goods and international community will not impose any new sanctions for six months. israeli prime minister netanyahu has been the biggest critics saying tougher sanctions should continue but secretary of state kerry says ignoring iran would encourage them to grow their nuclear program. >> we believe you would wined up with an iran of bigger stockpiles, with more advanced center fusions. >> all sides in this negotiation, say this is the first step in a long process, and if iran does not israeli, the country could see even stricter sanctions. abc 7 news. >>
Nov 10, 2013 9:00am PST
have clinton leading by 5%. >> knew this morning, chris christie is criticizing obama and obamacare. the president is apologize to go americans where before he said they could repeatedly keep. he said the problems were foreseeable and the president's biggest problem right any is honesty. >> anybody who has won anything in their lives could see this come a mile a way. that's why we didn't do a state based health exchange. we didn't do it because we saw the whole program would be a problem. the president's biggest problem now is he has to tell the truth. we've seen this in new jersey. i've told lots of hard truth in new jersey people don't necessarily agree with but they give you credit for telling the truth. >> he sid why new jersey didn't set up an exchange but did expand medicare, he said the expansion was in the best interest of people who re-elected him. >>> a controlled burn is raising concerns in the fog bay. yesterday lots of people called in from big basin state park. you can see the ploom of smoke from space in this image. the cal fire controlled burn will wrap up today. our
Nov 17, 2013 9:00am PST
the weekend pop. >> as president obama struggles with the affordable care act rollout, democrats in both houses worry the healthcare fiasco could hurt their re-election chances next year. but this morning on nbc's meet the press, the congresswoman house minority leader nancy pelosi said there's still plenty of support for affordable healthcare and she doesn't think it will be the deciding factor in next year's vote. >> i don't think you can tell what will happen next year burks i will tell you this, democrats stand paul in support of an affordable care act. we have great candidates who are running who are concerned about our economy and are concerned that the government was shut down because of the whim on the part of the republicans. all of these kinds of things are the concern of the american people. jobs will be the major issue in the campaign, as they always are. liberty to -- >> the republicans criticize the healthcare rollout in this week andy g. o. p. address, calling it political fraud. >>> five people were injured as thousands of usc football fans rushed the field after stanford
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3